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How do you give the buyer of a new-build home a unique bathroom, without compromising as a developer or contractor? The Lavatory is the long-awaited answer to the thirteen-in-a-dozen bathroom usually installed in new construction projects. The buyer decides what his or her Lavatory will look like using only three choices. Whatever the customer chooses, the result is always a tasteful bathroom.
Not the buyer, but the contractor and developer usually choose the bathroom of a new-build home. What the buyer finds next is the most standard and risk-free option: cheap, impersonal and downright boring. Of course, an architect's own design can offer a solution here, but that is not a cheap option for the buyer. The Lavatory is the solution that captures everything at once.

The Lavatory can best be described as a ready-made design bathroom package. It is a stylish combination of tiles, bathroom furniture and sanitary ware that is composed to the taste of the buyer and can be effortlessly placed in a home by the developer. It is not without reason that no fewer than 120 new home owners of the Wonderwoods new-build project in Utrecht chose The Lavatory. But the developer is also happy: thanks to its luxurious appearance and high quality, the bathroom increases the value of the home. And all without hassle and for a very attractive price.


The Lavatory is produced entirely in the Netherlands and elsewhere in Europe and is 100% circular. For example, the bathroom furniture is made of sustainable melamine, a recyclable chipboard that lasts a long time. At the end of its life, we collect the furniture and recycle or reuse the parts.

One bathroom, one color

The Lavatory comes in a color that the buyer chooses from one of eight stylish shades. Not only the furniture, but also the shower door, tile joints, mirror, tiles, radiator and the switch are supplied in this colour. The tiles are from Winckelmans, the brand with a wear-resistant reputation.


The finishing touch for The Lavatory comes from bathroom manufacturer Xenz, known for their luxurious sanitary ware. All products have been carefully selected, from the illuminated and heated mirror to the fountain basin with monochrome drain plug. The choice of color for these products is again in the hands of the buyer. The taps and shower are available in matt black, matt white, chrome or grey; the sanitary facilities are available in the colors matt white, gloss white, matt black or matt grey.

More benefit, no hassle

The Lavatory is a bathroom with a high market value, at an attractive price. The developer does not have to worry about the choices that the buyer makes for the bathroom; this is arranged with an online platform.


The Lavatory comes with a five-year warranty.

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Please note: You cannot view the Lavatory at our office. At the moment the Lavatory can be viewed by appointment in Utrecht.

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