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Over The Lavatory

Over The Lavatory

The Lavatory can best be described as a ready-made design bathroom package. It is a stylish combination of tiles, bathroom furniture and sanitary ware that is composed to the taste of the buyer and can be effortlessly placed in a home by the developer. It is not without reason that no fewer than 120 new home owners of the Wonderwoods new-build project in Utrecht chose The Lavatory. But the developer is also happy: thanks to its luxurious appearance and high quality, the bathroom increases the value of the home. And all without hassle and for a very attractive price.

Who we are

The Cookery and The Lavatory were born in 2020 out of dissatisfaction with the standard solutions delivered in news construction projects. Read more about it on the Partner page .

Our mission

The Lavatory is the long-awaited answer to the thirteen-in-a-dozen bathroom usually installed in new construction projects. The buyer decides what his or her Lavatory will look like using only three choices. Whatever the customer chooses, the result is always a tasteful bathroom.


To keep emissions from transport to a minimum, The Cookery's kitchens are produced entirely in the Netherlands.


The Lavatory is produced entirely in the Netherlands and elsewhere in Europe and is 100% circular. For example, the bathroom furniture is made of sustainable melamine, a recyclable chipboard that lasts a long time. At the end of its life, we collect the furniture and recycle or reuse the parts.

Working at The Cookery


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